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April 18, 2012 was held the visiting of SOOO «Conte Spa» by Russian heads of retailers who sell lingerie and pantyhose. Mikhail Uvarov, organizer of meeting, editor in chief of magazine «Lingerie and pantyhose», shared with his impressions of the meeting:

— I can say that in Russia nobody shows the manufacture. The reasons can only guess. But very pleased that a recognized leader in the Russian market in their field - SOOO «Conte Spa» — well known to all in Belarus, immediately responded to the request to show the manufacture of not only those entrepreneurs who are already working with their products, but was unable to see how it occurs, but also to those who had not made plans for cooperation, not having sufficient information about the proposal of the company. Strong players — it is a confident companies is not by chance is the clear leader in the industry.

For managers of retail companies have been very important to see for themselves the process of production, the entire production chain. I must say that watching movies on the internet on this subject do not give a complete picture, practically another picture is been showed to you after tour of the existing manufacture when to the visual perception added the equipment and the noise and the smell of paint, and virtuosity movement of waste specialists. Participants were amazed of the event, how complicated and difficult given the production of many nuances in it, how much more monotonous and routine, but required manual labor ... They understood why high-quality products can not cost a penny. This information will surely help guests plant more efficiently organize the sale of tights.

The second part of the event — was a performance of brand managers and technologists of the factory, a multimedia presentation, a demonstration of product samples and answers to the questions. Want to note that your company is the first group that took a group of entrepreneurs, which in its half was not the sellers of products «Conte». It is difficult, but almost all were in favor of working with your company.

After the meeting, the participants were divided into an active forum portal www.belyevik.ru their experiences, that the company have accepted them as a family, and even those who have not participated in a trip to the «Conte» interested in the possibility of cooperation.

I want to thank you for your hospitality, excellent organization of the tour, a warm welcome! We are confident that this meeting marked the beginning of our further joint activities.